buying laptop

The laptop was a luxury item some years back, and now it becomes an essential item for everyone. The usage of a laptop is numerous, and you cannot only list down. The laptops are being used in almost all private and Government offices, schools, colleges, houses, hospitals and many more places. A laptop is a must for everyone in the modern world to travel along with the technology developments. If you are planning to buy a laptop, you have to consider many factors to select a good laptop. There are many different types of laptops also available in the market. You can buy best laptops under 500 and also you can keep yourself updated by visiting at The following are the best laptop buying guides.

Operating Systems

Operating systems is one of the essential factors which have to be checked while buying a laptop. Laptops come with three main operating systems such as Windows, Chrome OS and Mac OS X. The most common and famous operating system is Windows and Chrome operating systems. Mac OS x will support only for the laptop model, MacBook’s.

Two in One Type

You can use some laptops as a dual mode. These laptops are coming as two parts, and you can detach one part, and you can use as tablet mode. Lightweight laptops are convenient for those who are regularly travelling for office purpose.


The next important factor is the laptop size. The laptop size is starting from 11 inches to 18 inches. You can select a correct laptop size as per your wish. If you are a regular traveller, then you can choose a small size laptop which is easy to carry.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard and touchpad are one of the most important factors of a laptop. If you are buying a laptop for business or gaming purpose, then you should have a full keyboard option with separate numeric options for comfortable typing. The touchpad is playing the role as a mouse to navigate the laptop and having good touchpad is an added advantage.


Selecting the correct specification of a laptop is depends on the purpose of usage. The main specifications are the central processing unit, internal and external storage capacity, display screen, graphics chip, touch screen and DVD drive. There are many different types of CPU processors available for selection such as Intel core i3 to i7, AMD A, Intel Atom, Intel Pentium and much more. The next important factor is the RAM; your laptop should have minimum 2GB RAM for normal usage. Otherwise, you can go for 4GB, 8GB and 16GB RAM according to your purpose of usage
If you are going to use your laptop for playing high-end games and watching some HD movies, then you have to buy a laptop with more pixels. Next is the hard drive, you should have minimum 500GB hard drive capacity laptops for normal usage otherwise you can go for 1TB or 2TB as per your requirements.

Battery Power

Make sure to buy a laptop with minimum battery power up to 6 hours. You can even go for 8 hours battery life as per your requirements.